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Candle Waxes

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Natural Soy Container Wax 

Easy one-pour 100% natural vegetable wax that works well in straight sided containers and jars. No need to add any stearin. Burns beautifully and gives an excellent scent throw.

Soy wax has a large crystalline structure that sometimes produces a frosty surface. To lessen the chance of this and produce a smoother, finer texture, blend with a small percentage of beeswax.

With extra care, soy wax can be used with essential oils to produce scented all-natural candles. Essential oils can be easily damaged by heat so allow the wax to cool as much as possible before adding the oil and blend thoroughly. When using essential oils, always carry out testing to ensure your candles are completely safe.

White Beeswax 

White beeswax for candlemaking

Click here for cosmetic grade white beeswax

Yellow Beeswax 

Use this beautiful rich amber beeswax to make naturally fragrant candles. A lovely ingredient for home made polishes. This wax is cosmetic-grade so it also can be used in lip balms and salves.

Rock Crystal Wax 

When cooled this wax gives a quartz/granite surface effect. Pour at 80 degrees
centigrade and cool as slowly as possible. The longer the cooling, the larger the crystals.
Not suitable for use in rigid plastic/polycarbonate moulds.

Snowflake Wax 

This is a specially formulated overdip wax designed to give your candles a snowflake finish.
Heat the wax and dip your candle once at 68 - 72 degrees centigrade. Let the candle cool at room
temperature and you will see the snowflake pattern develop. You don't need to use additives
or dyes with this wax.

Clear Overdip Wax 

This wax is ideal for protecting candle decorations and also gives a great medium gloss finish.
Dip candle once at 80 degrees centigrade.

Wax Glue 

A very soft, tacky wax for applying decorations to candles and for securing
wick tabs to the bottoms of containers or jars.