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Bath Salts Recipe

Makes approx 1kg of bath salts

You will need:

950g of sea salts, choose fine or coarse, or a combination of the two
40g Sodium Bicarbonate
10ml of Essential Oil or 10g of Cosmetic Fragrance Oil of your choice
A tiny amount of pigment if you want the salts to be coloured
Dried petals or herbs - optional
Airtight glass jars


Place the sea salts and sodium bicarbonate in a large bowl and stir until well mixed.

Add a tiny amount of pigment if desired using the tip of a teaspoon. Stir very well until all of the grains of salt are evenly coloured. Add more if you want a slightly stronger shade but bear in mind that the colour will look deeper once fragrance/essential oil is added. Please note that pigments can stain plastic baths if overdone so itís best to stick to a pastel shade.

Drip the essential oil or fragrance oil evenly over the salts and stir in really well.

Leave the salts in a dry place overnight so that the fragrance can be absorbed.

The salts may form a solid lump when drying out. If this happens, place them in a strong polythene bag and break them up gently using a wood rolling pin. Leave for longer if necessary to ensure that they have dried through thoroughly.

Once they are completely dry and free-flowing, add a sprinkling of dried petals or herbs if you wish and then put the salts into airtight jars. Alternatively, fill your containers with alternating layers of salts and petals. Add a hand made label and you have a lovely gift!

Store until needed.