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Bath Melts Recipe

Makes 15+ bath Melts

You will need:

200g Cocoa Butter
100g Sweet Almond Oil
6g Fragrance oil or essential oil
Dried flowers/petals
Bath melt cases


Place the Cocoa Butter in a heat-proof glass jug. Sit the jug in a pan of water over a low heat. The water needs to come about a third of the way up the side of the jug. NEVER heat oils over a direct heat. Warm the butter until just melted then remove from the heat. Take care as it can get very hot.

Pour the Sweet Almond oil into the melted butter and stir gently until blended.

Add the fragrance oil or essential oil and combine thoroughly.

Set the mixture aside until completely cool but still liquid.

Cover a baking tray with kitchen paper and place the bath melt cases on top. Carefully spoon the mixture into the cases. Fill each one up to about 6mm (1/4") from the top. You should be able to fill at least 15 cases.

Leave the melts to set until they turn opaque but are still soft. If you want to speed up this process it's ok to put them in the fridge, but check them frequently and take them out before they harden.

Sprinkle the petals onto the soft surface and press in gently. Leave the melts to harden completely.

Store them in a cool dry place until needed.

To use, unwrap a melt and drop it into your bath, enjoy the aroma and lovely, moisurising Sweet Almond oil on your skin.