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Bath Bomb Ingredients

We stock an excellent range of ingredients for making bath bombs, bath fizzies and bubble bars.

Sodium bicarbonate and citric acid are the essential ingredients. It's the chemical reaction between these two that makes bath bombs fizz when you drop them in the bath. They can also be used to add fizz to bath salts, bath truffles and melts.

Corn starch is included in some bath bomb recipes as a binding agent. It also helps to create a smoother texture.

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Sodium Bicarbonate 

Fine powdered, food-grade

Prices from 1.28
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Citric Acid - Fine 

Our fine grain citric acid makes mixing easy and gives a slightly textured finish.
INCI: Citric Acid

Prices from 2.45
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Corn Starch 

Our Corn Starch is produced in the EU with complete traceability and is guaranteed to be GM-Free.

Prices from 2.75
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Pump Spray Bottle 

60ml PET plastic bottle with pump spray top and cap

Prices from 0.60
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